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Eardex is a free website to compare cost of living worldwide. It works like a wiki for prices in all the towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. Our database collects the local prices of more than 45 products such as Big Mac, hotel, eating out, food products, beer etc. The data is provided by our users, this means by all of you ("wisdom of the crowd" principle). A perfect source of information for backpackers, tourists, business travelers, expats and globetrotters of all kinds!

About Eardex

There is one thing almost every traveler wants to know: How much will I have to pay for accommodation?
Eardex is a web portal providing information on the cost of living and the price level in the different towns and cities, regions and countries of the world: Eardex, the Earth Index. For this purpose, Eardex shows the local prices of approx. 45 popular and internationally comparable products and services.

Whether you´re a backpacker, a package tourist, a business traveler or a culture-lover, an expat or an exchange student – there are a lot of reasons to be curious about different aspects of living or staying in other parts of the world. Of course, everybody is interested in different things in the chosen country – some are into beaches, some are into nature walks, some like to visit cities. And while the next one is looking for cultural

Coca-Cola – available worldwide. But where do you pay the lowest price for Coke, where the highest?
highlights, another one is travelling to do business. But there sure is one thing everybody wants to know: What prices will there be, what costs will be incurred?
This is the question Eardex seeks to answer...

The Eardex Approach

Prices of cigarettes can give you a first idea on the overall price level in a country.
It all starts with curiosity: How much is a taxi ride in New Zealand? How expensive are cigarettes in India? What is the price for a glass of beer in the Philippines? Is a Big Mac® in other cities cheaper than in mine? Is eating out in a restaurant in France really comparatively expensive? Certainly everyone of us has thought about questions like these – but where to find the answers? This is what we, the Eardex team, have asked ourselves. And at the time our idea was born we realized: Nowhere, not really. And we weren´t willing to accept that...

Our thought: Everybody is able to answer questions like these when it comes to his or her home town or a spot already visited. We would only need to find a way to exchange our knowledge!

Who knows up-to-date fuel prices for Rwanda – and for the rest of the world? Eardex – with your help!
So we created our website which offers just that: A platform to exchange knowledge about product prices, including the corresponding technology to process and display the collected data in an easy-to-find manner. What´s lacking at that point is the actual data, the information on prices. And that´s where you all step in, but more on that aspect later on...

The Basic Principle

Maui, Hawaii. Just beautiful! But what about the cost of living in this place?
It is difficult to get meaningful general statements on the overall cost of living; such statements would be too subjective. Thus, Eardex is based on approx. 45 specific products and services in order to be able to answer questions like the above mentioned, for example. Information about prices of certain products and services should definitely satisfy the curiosity of travelers, in particular, who are interested in the price level at their destination. In addition, all products and services in their entirety should allow to draw conclusions – beyond aspects with relevance for travelers only – about the overall price level and, therefore, the cost of living in a certain city, region, or country.

It is, of course, possible to add further items to our range of products according to the users’ needs, that is to say your needs. In this context, a product can also mean a service, for the sake of simplicity we often just talk about "products" as of now. Our product range includes many items one would also find in a basket of goods of a statistical office or institution, but comprises additional products and services, e.g. products of particular interest for tourists. One of the main differences to a "statistical basket of goods" is, as already mentioned, that Eardex uses

Fuel is needed and sold everywhere in the world – one of the reasons why gas is a product perfectly suited for worldwide price comparison.
specific products, and not aggregated classes of goods. Another factor is that the product prices don´t result in an index as such, and we don´t show "overall costs", e.g. for "food per month", as it seems nearly impossible to gather such information with precision. We believe that our approach leads to a better and more reliable awareness of prices. In addition, we also offer "daily budgets" which enable you to easily estimate the approximate costs of a stay at a destination at a glance. These daily packages, however, are as well based on the prices of specific products. In addition, you´ll also be able to create your own basket of goods containing only products which are important for you.

How does Eardex work?

Eardex is based on the "wisdom of the crowd" principle…
If you are interested in the price level in another part of the world, just enter a city or country in our search box or use our world map. This will direct you to a page showing the product prices at the chosen destination. On this page you´ll also be able to easily compare these prices with prices at another spot, e.g. your home town, to see price differences at a glance.

Where does all the data come from? As already mentioned above: That´s where you all step in! The central idea of our website is based on the "wisdom of the crowd". This means, that every one of us is able to contribute, so that the questions we all have will be answered. If many of you enter prices on our website, thus sharing your knowledge, all of us will profit. In brief: Eardex doesn´t work without your help, as the data will be entered by the users themselves, by all of you! There is no alternative to this approach, as we can´t research and collect all this data worldwide by ourselves. After signing up on our website, which is quickly done and absolutely free, you´ll be able to enter prices for your home town. Of course, giving price information is not limited to your home town, if you visit other spots and know the up-to-date prices there, entering them in addition is even better! So just contribute and tell everybody you know about Eardex. If we all do so, our database will quickly comprise a large number of entries,

Stores can look different, just as product prices vary. As regards the price differences, Eardex keeps you up-to-date.
thus offering reliable information on prices at a lot of destinations worldwide. And that´s the point where we have achieved our objective: Finally, our curious questions about the price level in other parts of the world will be answered!




All international?

In Cologne, the local beer (Kölsch) is served in glasses with a volume of 0.2 l – internationally only one of many different typical sizes for this product.
As we seek to collect and display information from all over the world, we tried to design a website which is as "international" as possible, in order to be open to the individual peculiarities of the different regions of the world. This is because we can imagine that, worldwide, there are a lot of different units of measurement for the product "beer" alone, to provide an example. There sure will be liters, pints, fluid ounces – but still we might have forgotten an important unit? And another point: Here in Cologne, where we live, the local beer is served in glasses with a volume of 0.2 liters, but we know that this is already entirely different in the next German city. So how will the situation be like in other cities and countries of the world? And still, this is only a single product... And not to forget all the different currencies...

We tried to take considerations like these into account. Therefore, you´ll always be able to change between various units of measurement and corresponding quantities as well as currencies. There is no need for you to "rethink" or convert something by yourself, this will be done for you by our database. To make it clearer, here is another example, we just stick to the product "beer": Imagine that you live in London, UK, and like to enter the price for "1 pint of beer",

Cologne. The city of the Eardex team.
as this is the common size in a local pub. And, of course, you want to enter the price in British pounds. Now there is another user from Cologne looking for the beer price in London. This user would sure like to see the price for "0.2 liters of beer", as this is what he or she is used to from home, thus making comparisons a lot easier. And certainly the user will look at the price in Euro..

However, if you find that we forgot an important unit of measurement, a common quantity, or a currency, please let us know, as we seek – with your help – to grow further, extend our database and to improve continuously.

Who is behind Eardex? And why?

Potential expats need to know about the cost of living in other countries.
We, the Eardex team, just love to travel and are highly interested in other countries and cultures. Accordingly, we all have seen a lot of the world and there is no plan to change that. And if you are interested in other parts of the world, you´ll always want to know about the local price level. Imagine you already know where you´re heading. In this case, you sure would like to calculate your budget. And if you are still thinking about different destinations, the costs might just be the crucial factor in your decision.

However, the search for the prices in our desired locations turned out to be quite tricky – in every single case. And that´s exactly how our idea to set up Eardex was born. If you are looking for general information on cost of living, you´ll usually find single studies or data collections only, which are often limited to a small number of cities or countries. As a traveler you might have the opportunity to find such information in travel guides, but you´ll not always find up-to-date prices. And what do you do if the price level is the crucial factor in your decision on a destination? In brief: we just weren´t able to find an extensive source of information solving our "problems". And still today we believe there is no website like Eardex out there, not with the same scope and precision.

Eardex compares the prices of more than 40 products. However, we can add (almost) every product to our database.
Our optimistic assumption is that we are not alone, that there are a lot of people interested in the price level in other parts of the world. And so we got busy and started to create Eardex. In the end, we ourselves are the most enthusiastic users of our own website and a part of our community just like you! We are no large-scale enterprise but students and freelancers and friends, and we realized the Eardex project completely by ourselves in our free time. Therefore, we highly appreciate your interest and support!

You´ll find further information in our FAQ.