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Hotel Big Mac® Coca-Cola® Eating out Rental car per week
n/a 73.70 EUR n/a 3.19 EUR n/a 2.21 EUR n/a 4.91 EUR n/a 381.09 EUR
Hostel Marlboro™ Beer Fuel Public transport
n/a 6.14 EUR n/a 1.96 EUR n/a 6.48 EUR n/a no entry n/a 0.15 EUR
Daily budget - Backpacker: Not yet available Daily budget - Tourist: 46.67 EUR
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Major cities: Chimaltenango, Chinautla, Escuintla, Villa Canales, Quetzaltenango, San Juan Sacatepéquez, Petapa, Villa Nueva, Mixco, Guatemala City

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Country:   Guatemala (GT)
Capital:   Guatemala City
World region:   Central America
Main language(s):   Spanish
Neighbours:   Mexico, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador
Population:   13.28 million (rank 69 of 242 Eardex countries)
Area:   108,889 km² (rank 107 of 242 Eardex countries)
Coastline:   400 km
Terrain:   mostly mountains with narrow coastal plains and rolling limestone plateau
Climate:   tropical, hot, humid in lowlands, cooler in highlands
Currency:   Quetzal (GTQ)
Subunit:   100 centavos
Time zone:   UTC -6
Top level domain:   .gt
Phone code:   00502 or +502
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