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Become a Premium User and get featured with a premium advertising space on Eardex.com for free!

What you will have to do:

- Choose a town/city where you are familiar with local prices (e.g. your home town)
- Enter prices for at least 30 products
- Update them at least every three months
- Check prices of other users for this city at least every three months and report wrong entries to us

What you will get in return:

A premium advertising space on the Eardex city page you take care about
This can contain:
- A promotional text with up to 400 characters about you or your business or you website/blog etc.
- An image/picture (e.g. your business logo)
- A link to your website
- A link to your Twitter account
- A link to your Facebook page

Please note: In order to register as a Premium User and to use this feature, please log in first and revisit this page. If you are not yet registered, please sign up first (just follow the normal registration) and then come back here. Thanks!