The Best Powerlifting Mouthguard in 2021

The best Powerlifting Mouthguards 2021 you have been searching for

If you find the Powerlifting Mouthguards, you are in the right place! Check out our article to find your answer.

The tooth guard is an essential item for martial arts athletes such as boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo … especially powerlifting. Without a jaw guard, an external force from punches, kicks, and strong impacts can cause tooth fractures and injury to the lips, tongue, face, and jawbone. When lifting weights on the market, there are many mouthguards that you can use effectively.

However, many of these mouthpieces are specifically designed for contact sports or are made cheaply and do not last more than a couple of weeks. We are happy to share the Powerlifting Mouthguard list below for your consideration. Let’s check it out.

The Best POWERLIFTING MOUTHGUARD in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

1. 5DS Sports and Fitness Mouthpiece for New Age Performance

New Age Performance 5DS Sports and Fitness Mouthpiece - Lower Jaw - No-Contact - Includes Case


The first choice we want to mention is the New Age Performance 5DS. This is a product that has received countless compliments from buyers. There are many reasons we choose this product. The supplier also includes a carrying case for keeping things clean and safe after using it. 

Plus, the usage is easy and simple; you need to mold it with water to boil and follow the directions that came with the mouthpiece. The New Age Performance mouth guard is chew resistant and comes in various colors with 5 different size options to fit your mouth.

However, to continue to adapt to your mouth fully, the mouthpiece takes 5 to 7 days and lasts for up to 1.5 months until you need a new one. Although this may not seem long, you should only use it for a limited time to ensure your health is safe for the mouthpiece.


  • It’s supplied with a protective box.
  • Easy to mold and suitable for the mouth
  • There are many colors and sizes to choose from


  • In the beginning, the material is a bit hard and uncomfortable.


This is another sensible option you can choose from if you like color variations. Even though the first few days are hard to adapt, this is a small bug that can be fixed.

2. Mouthguard for Venum Challenger 

Venum Challenger Mouthguard


Venum Challenger Mouthguard is one of the second brands we recommend. It is made of solid rubber that absorbs almost all the force and is evenly distributed to hardpoints. This means very high shock resistance and protection. Furthermore, the Nextfit Gel Frame’s low design surrounds the teeth, allowing the frame to fit snugly while allowing for easy breathing during intense exercise.

This product’s special feature is its low price, but it offers everything you would expect: unexpected comfort, high energy absorption, and flexibility to wear. Like previous products, the product comes in many colors and comes in a genuine box. Besides, the mouthguard is easily cut with scissors, so no matter how small your jaw is, you can change its size to match your mouth.


  • Low cost to protect your mouth
  • Easily trimmed to match tiny jaws from the back.
  • The gel cushion is very comfortable.


  • The product has one size.


Products with low price but high efficiency almost completely match everyone because of rubber. Although there is one size for adults, you can overcome it by cutting away for children.

3. Powerlift Mouth Guard Professional for Strongman, Powerlifting, Crossfit – impact Custom Mouthguards 

Impact Custom Mouthguards Professional Powerlift Mouth Guard for Strongman, Powerlifting, Crossfit and Bodybuilding for Strongman, Powerlifting


Thirdly, Impact Custom Mouthguards Professional Powerlift Mouth Guard is also a favorite device for many consumers. The most outstanding feature about this product is that you are guaranteed a 100% fit thanks to the quick markers’ custom equipment. The mouthguard is designed to rest the jaw, helping to position the jaw, head, neck, and vertebrae.

If you’re looking for a health-safe product, you should consider this one. It does not contain the finished product BPA (BPA can bind to estrogen receptors and affect the body’s operation. BPA can also bind to other hormone receptors, such as job replacement, thyroid receptors) and specially crafted with 14 selectable colors.


  • It fits perfectly to the mouth.
  • It does not harm the health.


  • High price
  • No carrying case


This is a safe product and suitable for all mouth sizes.

4. Ultra-Slim Microfit Mouthguard. 2.4mm Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Ultra-Slim Microfit Mouthguard | 2.4mm Mouth Guard | For Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu


Last but not least, EZ Gard Industries DBA Shock Doctor Ultra-Thin Microfit Mouth Protector. This product has a full range for both adults and children. Thanks to the exclusive i-Mold technology, the slim, snug mouth protection makes it easy to speak and breathe. As you might know, HMW is the most durable blend available today; it helps you maintain long periods of time without worrying about replacement.

If you are looking for a mouth guard that fits comfortably, you should consider this one. Simply put, all you have to do is blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes, then bite up to create the ideal mold for your mouth.


  • Bring comfort, easy communication.
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-size, color


  • No protective box


This is the safest and most comfortable of any oral protection. Just choose your favorite color, then customize with your mouth.



That’s all about the list of the best powerlifting mouthguard today. We hope this article is useful for finding a mouthguard that meets all your requirements. The most important remarks about choosing a great powerlifting mouthguard are to ensure the best safety and function of your mouth.

Have you gotten your choice yet? If yes, we hope you will have a wonderful experience with it. Otherwise, you can consider the first product because it is cheap and highly efficient, or the second product because it is easy to use and has all the necessary features of a good product. Thank you for reading!

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