Best Smartwatch with Google Maps in 2021

Best Smartwatch with Google maps make your life easier

If you are looking for the best Smartwatch with Google maps in 2021, trust me, this is what you have been searching for.

If you find it difficult to find places or easily get lost, a Smart watch with a Google map will help you solve all of these problems you are dealing with. This smart watch can provide you Google maps, so it will guide you to the right location without getting lost or wasting your precious time in finding places. 

The following list will provide you the needed information in order to get the best Smartwatch with Google maps. So, let’s take a closer look!

Top 4 Best Smartwatch with Google Maps in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

1. TicWatch E2

This watch is one of the best Smart watches with Google map we would like to recommend due to various reasons. With the help of the Google Play Store, you can download your favorite apps and use them from your wrist. 

The Smartwatch connection is high-speed, like a glance, so you can catch up every moment when there is a call, message, or notification. 

TicWatch E2, 5ATM Waterproof GPS Smartwatch with 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor, Wear OS by Google, Compatible with Android and iOS


The good news for sports lovers is that TicWatch E2 can be water-resistant, so you can bring it everywhere you need, even when you are swimming. The watch is equipped with 24hr HRM – long battery life – to bring you a longer experience and stay in every moment of your daily activities.

This Smartwatch will provide you with the best application from Google, such as Google Map, Google Fit,… and TicWatch to accompany every step of your day, make your casual day more motivated and more efficient.

However, the price is higher than other products, but it is still a reasonable price because of its convenience.


  • Real quick connection
  • The application provided by Google: Google Map, Google Fit,…
  • Battery life up to 24 hours


  • High price

2. COULAX Smart Watch

COULAX smart watch is perfect for someone who loves spending time outdoors, especially one who adores sports activities. 

The watch is equipped with YFit app to follow your movements and show your own exercise data according to steps you have taken, the calories you have burnt so far, and the duration of your exercise. 

COULAX Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with 1.4" Touch Screen, Activity Tracker with Blood Oxygen Monitor, Step Counter with Locus Tracking Map, Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor for Women and Men


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If you really care about your health, this watch can become your personal doctor because it can measure the blood pressure, the problems may come up during the training period, and express the new healthy data to balance the activities in a day. 

Besides the amazing effect on your health, COULAX smart watch can be an entertainment tool with the function of photos, music, weather status, and so on.

Although perfectly it appears, it will not connect with PC or tablet and can fit your cell phone.


  • Follow up your daily healthy data
  • A professional health adviser
  • Entertaining functions
  • Reasonable price


  • Only connect with a smartphone

3. Fossil Men’s Gen 3 

Fossil Men’s Gen 3 is considered a smartphone because it functions with touchscreen functionality, micro and music control, the notification from message or call, and the apps from Google Play are available in your watch. 

Thanks to 24hr battery life, you can now have a longer experience without interruption when using the watch.

Fossil Men's Gen 3 Explorist Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch


The classic design with two favorable colors rose gold and blue, Fossil Men’s Gen 3 watch is suitable for everyone due to its fashionable design.

However, the watch will not be the one for someone who loves to work out because it can not show healthy data.


  • Fashionable
  • Longlife battery
  • Function as a smartphone


  • Do not show health data

4. Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch

Suunto Sportwatch is a perfect combination between Suunto sports expertise and phone technologies. It can show the health data on the screen, such as heart rate, steps, so it is easier for users to follow and adjust their daily activities. 

The watch is so amazing by being equipped with Wear OS by Google to make your life easier with the functions provided.


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The watch’s perfect connection can help you access your favorite sports apps and motivate you in the training process.

The watch is designed with durable materials so it is suitable for users to wear it everywhere, anytime without worrying about failure while using it.

However, the price of Suunto Sportwatch is higher than all of the watches above.


  • Functions with advanced technologies
  • Equipped with Wear OS by Google
  • Perfect connection
  • Durable materials


  • High price


Final thoughts

The four above watches are what we would like to recommend to you. We hope that after this article you can find your suitable watch. Although all of them are not perfect, in some aspects, it can provide you several benefits in daily life.

If there are some concerns about the products, please contact us anytime you want. Thank you for reading!

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