Best Snake Catcher Tongs in 2021

The best Snake Catcher Tongs in 2021- indispensable widgets in your house

If your house has many dense trees, flower bushes, flower pots, and lots of lawns, it will be an ideal destination to attract snakes.

When there are many snakes in your area, but you cannot wait for the rescue team, or someone else to come and take it, using the snake catcher tongs is a perfect choice. The tong will help you quickly remove these snakes from your home area immediately.

To help you find the best Snake Catcher Tongs in 2021, we will share a list with you. Let’s get started.

Top 4 Best Snake Catcher Tongs in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

1. Yomyray BigTool for Jaw Handling with Lock and Relaxed Grip Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Extendable (Include Bag)

First of all, we want to introduce the snake catching tong of Yomyray. The outstanding feature of this tong is Extendable Distance. The snake catcher tong can extend 43″ to 60″ in length; you can easily extend the tong to the length you need to ensure that you can hold it securely and protect yourself from dangerous snakes.

Yomyray Extendable Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool with Lock and Comfortable Grip(Include Bag)


Moreover, the double zigzag wide jaw prevents these snakes from escaping, but it also does not hurt them. Rest assured you can remove uninvited guests without harming them. The wire rope is thickened and invisible; it will support you to catch these snakes easily and quickly. This tong can use its long and compact design and sturdy material for a long time and easy to store. Besides, this product includes a bag the snakes can be captured and taken to a safe zone conveniently and quickly.


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  • Extendable distance (43″ to 60″)
  • Double wide jaw
  • Invisible wire rope
  • Bag included


  • The price is a little high



Many people enjoy it after purchasing, we highly recommend this tong. Believe us; this tong will not let you down.

2. The Fnova Collapsible Reptile Catcher Stick Rattlesnake Grabber Pick-up Handling Tool for Snake Tongs, with Big Jaw Zigzag

The second choice belongs to the Snake Tong Catcher Stick from the Fnova brand. Thanks to auto-lock design, the snakes can not be escaped, and you won’t waste much effort capturing and holding them.

Fnova Upgraded 47 Inch Professional Collapsible Snake Tongs Reptile Catcher Stick Rattlesnake Grabber Pick-up Handling


The all-metal design is more durable and robust than the plastic one. The wide jaw-teeth on tong is smooth, not hurt the snakes. It also works on all snakes, including small snakes. This tong is made from stainless steel, moderately length 47 inches and non-slip, so do not worry, the snake will fit neatly in the stick, and it has no chance of escaping.



  • Automatic lock
  • Stainless steel
  • Smooth teeth
  • Non-slip Grip


  • Not include a bag



With its auto-lock design, the Fnova snake catching tong believes in bringing the most effectiveness in catching snakes.

3. “Grain 47” Big Jaw Handling Tool Extra Heavy Duty Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Catcher of GYORGKSHI

The next product on this list is Snake Tong Catcher of GYORGKSHI. With the professional 47 inch length, which has been carefully researched by the manufacturer about user habits before production, it has a perfect length to help us hold it firmly. Along with serrated jaw expandable to 3in, this product helps you hold pressure easily, reducing the risk of snake escaping.

 Anrain 47" Extra Heavy Duty Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool


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What is more, the anti-slip grip made by rubber can support you gives you a firm grip that won’t slip even when your hands get sweaty; besides, it helps you retain pressure when holding.



  • Easy to use
  • Anti-slip grip
  • 3in the serrated jaw


  • Ineffective with small snakes
  • The external spring is easily broken



This product helps you catch the snake easily and does not hurt this animal based on zigzag jaw and non-slip grip.

4. Broad Tool for Jaw Handling with Lock and Relaxed Grip Handle Cheetong 60 “Competent All-Aluminum Alloy Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher (Include Snake Bag)

Finally, we want to share the tong Snake Catcher from the Cheetong store with you. The special thing that makes this tong different is its Lock Latch in the grip. It prevents the snake from getting away and protects you from the bitten snakes only by pushing the lock in the grip.

Cheetong 60'' Professional All-Aluminum Alloy Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool With lock And comfortable Grip Handle (Include Snake Bag )


With the Blue Oxidation, you can use it longer, avoiding rust and oxidation. The zigzag jaw also prevents the animal from slipping away and protects them. The product has a bag to remove these snakes easily. This is also a humane solution to this animal.



    • Has lock latch
    • zigzag jaw
    • Stainless steel cover by the Blue Oxidation prevents the oxidation process
  • Bag included



  • The 60-inch length is too long for somebody
  • High cost



Based on the lock latch, this product protects you and your family safe from the dangerous snake.


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Final thoughts

We hope the list above gives you some useful information about the Snake Catcher Tong and helps you to find the best suitable tong for you.

We want to suggest to you the snake catching tong of Yomyray. It has the Extendable Distance; you can stretch the length you want. Besides, the Cheetong Snake Catcher is not a bad choice; it has a Blue Oxidation Cover and locks latch to prevent the oxidation process and protect you better. Moreover, both of them include a bag.

After reading this article, we hope you can choose the best Snake Catcher Tongs 2021 for yourself to protect yourself and your family. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are glad to answer them.

Thank you for your reading.

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