The Best Soeks Ecotester in 2021

What Are The Best Soeks Ecotester In 2021

A product for daily life in the family. One Device Can Help Consumers Measure Nitrates, Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Water Quality, etc. Also, the main function is to measure the level of nitrates so that it is possible to identify foods that are within the safe threshold or not. With the food safety situation, people are very much concerned today. 

Soeks Ecotester is gaining popularity among customers, and there are various choices for you to choose. Today, we will share our best Soeks Ecotester for you to consider. Let’s get started!


TOP 4 BEST Soeks Ecotester 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

1. Greentest – Food Chemical DetectorGreentest, High Accuracy Food Detector, Nitrate Tester for Fruit and Vegetable,White


The first product is the Greatest Soeks Ecotester. This is a portable, simple device for everyday use.

Nitrates occur naturally in fruit and vegetables. It helps them grow, but more and more nitrates got in over the years. We now have much more nitrates in our food and ingest ten times more nitrates than recommended because of this nitrogen fertilizer. An excess of nitrates can lead to serious health problems, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. To test the nitrates, you select the fruit and vegetables you want to measure and insert the probe. And Greatest Soeks Ecotester will show whether the fruit or vegetable has excess nitrates or not.



  • Easy to bring
  • Cheap


  • Only measure nitrates


Greatest Soeks Ecotester is a convenient product for homemakers who want to measure the nitrates index of fruit and vegetables eaten daily.

2. SOEKS 112

SOEKS 112 Compact Digital Geiger Counter – Personal Nuclear Radiation Detector – Portable Dosimeter - Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Detection


The second product we want to mention is SOEKS 112 Personal Dosimeter (Geiger Counter). This is a brand new device developed by SOEKS – a company specializing in producing radiation detect equipment. Its benefits are very compact and easy to use, even for children.

To turn on the meter, you hold the ON button, and it will be on. The readings will start showing up right away—radiation that you cannot taste, smell, or feel. So the only way to know it is radioactive or not to use a professional dosimeter, nuclear radiation detector like Soeks 112. The device will work for about 100 hours from two batteries. 



  • Very compact
  • Cheap


  • Just detect the radiation levels


A newly launched product of SOEKS is minimal and convenient. It helps the user measure and recognizes the radiation concentration of surrounding objects. Unfortunately, equipment is supported to measure radiation.

3. SOEKS EcoVisor F2

The third product is SOEKS EcoVisor F2. Also, a product from brand SOEKS. Ecotester Soeks can warn you about nitrates in food and measure radiation. The device has an inbuild high-precision Geiger Counter SBM-21. 

SOEKS EcoVisor F2 - Nitrate Tester - TDS Water Meter - Pocket Food Food Quality Nitrite Analysis for Vegetables Fruits Meat Fish - Portable Electronic Touch


Radiation has no color, taste, smell and is found everywhere as water, soil, foodstuffs, especially berries and mushrooms, and household goods building materials (toys, money, jewelry, etc.). Many other things can emit enhanced radiation background and therefore be hazardous to health. Radiation norms have already been entered into the device’s memory; if the object’s radiation background exceeds the norm, the device’s screen will turn red and display a warning and the numerical value of radiation.

The device also helps to check whether solids dissolved in drinking water are clean and safe or not. There is a 2 years warranty, rechargeable battery.



  • Nitrate Tester for food
  • Radiation Detector



  • None



SOEKS EcoVisor F2 is well worth buying for the entry-level consumer. Just measure the number of nitrates in food and radiation.

 4. Soek Ecovisor F4


Our last pick up – Soeks Ecovisor F4 – four in one food testers (4 testers in 1 device: Nitrates, Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Water Quality. This is an upgraded product compared to the 3rd product. When there are 4 functions instead of 2: can detect dangerous electromagnetic radiation and radioactive objects, check water quality, harmful nitrates in food.

The Soeks Ecovisor F4 Food Safety Meter is a compact product capable of quickly measuring the remaining nitrate residue (due to fertilization or plant protection) in the foods we use every day. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. It is better to check once again to not turn a family’s health into a matter of luck. 

SOEKS is imported directly from Russia, and currently, only Russia produces this type of equipment.


  • 4 testers in 1 device: Nitrates, Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Water Quality


  • None


Soeks Ecovisor F4 is the last choice you can consider. A perfect product for radiation detection. There are 4 functions where you can measure all types of radiation you want to measure.


Final Thoughts

That’s all that we want to share today. We hope this article helps you find the best Soeks Ecotester. Are you going to buy any product? If yes, we hope that you will be satisfied with it.

If not, you could consider Soek Ecovisor F4 due to having many functions to measure radiation. Soeks Ecotester is already available in 40 countries around the world. We believe it will not let you down.

By the way, thank you for your reading!

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